False Equivalency: Black Lives Matter and the KKK/Other White Supremacy Groups

My friend from seminary Jon Komperda, who is currently a pastor in Ohio, wrote these words.  I'm sharing them with his permission.  Proud to call him a friend.

If you are going to compare and equate the protests of the KKK/other white supremacist hate groups to Black Lives Matter et al., you must ignore:

1. A history in which white Americans have continually fought to maintain power over other races and Americans of color have continually had to fight to be seen as equal. And in which with every legal advance towards equality, white Americans have created other means of maintaining power, privilege, and prosperity at the expense of others.

2. Memories that are invoked by white supremacist protesters carrying tiki torches and surrounding a church filled with people of color at night (KKK, Cross-burning, etc.), and by African Americans organizing against unjust and dehumanizing social realities (the Civil Rights Movement).

3. A psychological falsity that just passing a law (Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment, Civil Rights Act, etc.) somehow just erases and atones for the white supremacist ideologies (and theologies) that upheld racist laws and institutions.

4. A sociological falsity that just passing a law to "end" racist institutions automatically sets everyone on a level playing field.

5. Statistics that show the ONGOING inequities that continue to privilege white people over and against people of color.

6. Common sense that if a person is part of a people group that has been oppressed for centuries, there are indeed different standards for how their complaints should be received than the complaints of people who have been a part of a race that has been socially dominant for centuries.